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Drs. Taub, Fan, and Lopez at Xijing Hospital in front of the sign announcing their lectures

Drs. Taub, Fan, and Lopez at Xijing Hospital in front of the sign announcing their lectures

ASE Takes Training to Xi’an

Following the 3rd World Summit on Echocardiography in Beijing last week, ASE members Leo Lopez, MD, FASE, Cynthia Taub, MD, FASE, and Dali Fan, MD, PhD, FASE traveled to Xi’an, China at the invitation of Xijing Hospital to present lectures to 200+ physicians there.  In addition to the lectures, the physicians in attendance received USB drives loaded with ASE’s guideline documents in English and Chinese.

Xijing Hospital has 3,000 beds and is considered one of the top five medical facilities in China.

Read press release, “Conference Mirrors the Global Role of Cardiovascular Ultrasound during the American Society of Echocardiography’s 26th Annual Scientific Sessions” here.

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Echocardiography society leaders from around the world gathered during the ASE Scientific Sessions in Portland for the International Leadership Roundtable. Hosted by ASE’s International Relations Advisory Committee and Executive Committee, the echo leaders discussed challenges, opportunities for collaboration, and trends within their part of the world.









Read the blog from the December 2012 humanitarian/training mission in rural India.

Watch our video of the January 2012 ASE Global: Focus on India.

Medical volunteers are increasingly needed for medical missions and medical camps throughout the world.  To receive information on upcoming volunteer opportunities, please complete and submit this form.



EchoDinner2ASE was honored to be a part of the recent Great Wall International Congress on Cardiology.  During the ASE session of the GW-ICC meeting, Dr. Patricia Pellikka, ASE President, and Dr. Rebecca Hahn presented to the overflow crowd.  In addition the ASE delegation was treated to a tour of the Third Hospital of Peking University.

Four translated guideline posters are being distributed throughout China.  Translations and artwork were prepared for ASE’s guideline posters on prosthetic valves, valve stenosis, LV diastolic function, and pediatric quantification.  Volunteers for this effort included Dr. Feng Xie, Dr. Jiefei Wu, Dr. Jiawei Tian, Dr. Leng Jiang, and Dr. Mei Zhang.  Philips Hong Kong provided generous support for the printing and dissemination of these posters.

Photo:  Echocardiographers from the US and China shared an enjoyable meal during the Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology, October 2012 in Beijing.

Visit our Guidelines translations page to access the full text of nine Mandarin-translated ASE guideline documents.



Dr. Neil Weissman, ASE President, and David Adams, ASE sonographer representative at EchoNagpur, pose with a meeting delegate (center) and Drs. Shantanu Sengupta and Mahesh Fulwani, EchoNagpur Program Directors.

August 2014 – ASE endorsed the recent EchoNagpur 2014, held August 8-10  in Nagpur, India. Read Dr. Weissman’s blog about his visit to Echo Nagpur.

Dr. Shantanu Sengupta, program director for EchoNagpur, sent this report:
“It has been an amazing experience to do the 9th annual meeting of EchoNagpur with 312 delegates attending from all over India. Endorsement of ASE has added value to the meeting. Over 150 interesting Echo cases were discussed by the faculty. And the most interesting part of the meeting was that the delegates were not ready to leave the hall at the end of the meeting every day and wanted to learn and interact more with the faculty.”

ASE led the organizational effort for the 2nd World Summit on Echocardiography, held October 25-27, 2013 in New Delhi, India.  The Summit, a collaboration of eight echocardiography societies around the world, was a great success, attracting over 900 registrants from 35 countries.  With more than 25 industry partners, the meeting was a pleasing blend of new technology in the field of echocardiography and old Indian tradition, as demonstrated in the opening ceremony, streaming live with interactive elements, adding unique and entertaining aspects to this one-of-a-kind event.


ASE had a strong representation at EchoNagpur. Shown left to right, Drs. Partho Sengupta, Neil Weissman, Shantanu Sengupta, and Bijoy Khandheria with Jayne Cleve and David Adams, both of Duke University.

The 2nd World Summit was led by Dr. Partho P. Sengupta, International Chair, and Dr. J.C. Mohan, Program Chair. Society partners for this event included the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging, Indian Academy of Echocardiography, Echocardiography Association of the Interamerican Cardiology Society, Japanese Society of Echocardiography, Korean Society of Echocardiography, Canadian Society of Echocardiography, and Chinese Society of Echocardiography.

See photos from the 2nd World Summit here.

The 3rd World Summit on Echocardiography will be held September 11-13 in Beijing, China.

Our volunteers have returned from the successful December 2012 humanitarian/training mission to rural India.  Read their blog.

Recent press:

EchoNagpur Director Dr. Shantanu Sengupta reports that EchoNagpur 2012 was a huge success, with 312 delegates. The first day was e-Pathshala, a live hands-on interactive workshop on laptop with pre-recorded cases, attended by 140 delegates. The meeting focused on case-based discussion with all practical points discussed. There was a full house all three days with delegates sitting till late evening. ASE was represented at this ASE-endorsed conference in Nagpur, India by Dr. Patricia Pellikka, ASE President; Past President Dr. Bijoy Khandheria; and current ASE Board Member Dr. Partho Sengupta, as well as long-time ASE members Dr. Natesha Pandian, Dr. J.C. Mohan, Dr. Manish Bansal, and Dr. Nitin Burkule.

Read this article from The Times of India.



Kasliwal2January 2012 – Watch our video of the January 2012 ASE Global: Focus on India.

Photo:  Dr. Ravi Kasliwal and Medanta Medicity served as hosts for the training portion of the January event.  Shown behind Dr. Kasliwal is Medanta Medicity’s Wall of Faith.

Recent press on ASE Global: Focus on India:

From Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology (February 16, 2012) – Medical Outreach Brings Innovative Ultrasound Technology to Underserved in India

YouTube:  LeaAnne Dantin, Global Product Manager for Vscan, GE Healthcare, talks about ASE Global: Focus on India



India2012Medical volunteers are increasingly needed for medical missions and medical camps throughout the world.  To receive information on upcoming volunteer opportunities, please complete and submit this form.

Left:  Leaders from ASE and the Indian Academy of Echocardiography discussed collaborations during the ASE Scientific Sessions in National Harbor, MD.




Read the President’s Blog:  Bridging Echocardiography Across Friends



Representatives from the leadership of the Japanese Society of Echocardiography (JSE) and ASE met during ASE 2015 in Portland.  Left to right:  Benjamin Byrd III, ASE Immediate Past President, Neil Weissman, ASE President, Satoshi Nakatani, JSE Vice President, Patricia Pellikka, ASE Past President, Katsu Takenaka, JSE President, Susan Wiegers, ASE President-Elect, Robin Wiegerink, ASE CEO, Jim Thomas, ASE International Relations Co-Chair, and Roberto Lang, ASE International Relations Co-Chair.




ASE leaders participated in the Japanese Society of Echocardiography’s 25th Annual Scientific Meeting in Kanazawa, Japan.  Read the report in the Global Blog.

To learn more about echocardiography activities in Japan, visit the Japanese Society of Echocardiography website.


Left:  Leaders from the Korean Society of Echocardiography and the American Society of Echocardiography shared ideas during ASE2012 in National Harbor.  Left to right:  Drs. Ha, Kwan, Thomas, Weissman, Pellikka and Kim.

To learn more about echocardiography activities in Korea, visit the Korean Society of Echocardiography website.

The Philippines

To learn more about echocardiography activities in the Philippines, visit the Philippine Society of Echocardiography website.

Australia and New Zealand

To learn more about echocardiography activities in Autralia and New Zealand, please visit the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand website.



To learn more about echocardiography activities in Europe, please visit the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging website

North America


Left:  Canada was well represented at the ASE Scientific Sessions.  Left to right:  Drs. Tam, Pellikka, Rudski, Woo, Thomas, Weissman, and Leong-Poi.

To learn more about echocardiography activities in Canada, please visit the Canadian Society of Echocardiography website


Read Dr. Weissman’s blog about his visit to Global Congress of Echo & Cardiovascular Imaging – iMEX Imaging Mexico in Cancun here.

Middle East

Stay tuned for more information on cardiovascular ultrasound activities in the Middle East.


South and Central America

ASE Foundation is excited to announce that we’re adding Spanish-language webinars to our repertoire of translated guideline materials. Dr. Federico Asch recorded ASE’s first Spanish webinar available for no cost. Dr. Asch presented “Guidelines for Performing a Comprehensive Transesophageal Echocardiographic Examination” by Hahn et al.  Watch here.

Three-Dimensional Echocardiography: Recommendations for Image Acquisition and Display 
Presentacion y adaptacion al Espanol: Robert M. Lang, MD, FASE

Visit our Guidelines translations page to access the full text of four Spanish-translated ASE guideline documents and five Portuguese translated ASE guideline documents.

Asch_Plastikno-300x225ASE recently traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the XII Congreso ECOSIAC/III Congreso Argentino De Ecocardiografia Imagenes Cardiovasculares SAC. ASE’s speakers at the meeting were Federico Asch, MD, FASE of Medstar Health Research Institute at Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown University, and Ricardo Pignatelli, MD a pediatric cardiologist at Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine.  Both physicians are native Argentinians. Dr. Asch is from Buenos Aires, and Dr. Pignatelli is from Córdoba.  ASE’s recent left ventricle poster from Recommendations for Cardiac Chamber Quantification by Echocardiography in Adults was translated to Spanish by Maria Laura Plastino, MD, FASE of La Plata, Argentina, and was a popular takeaway for the meeting attendees. Dr. Asch (left) is helping show off the poster with Dra. Plastino (right).

To learn more about echocardiography activities in South and Central America, visit the ECOSIAC website.

International Leadership Award

RonderosThe International Leadership Award was established in 2015 as a pathway for recognition of ASE members outside the United States who have already received FASE designation and are deserving of recognition for outstanding contributions to the field of Cardiovascular Ultrasound through innovations, education, or leadership.

Ricardo E. Ronderos, MD, PhD,FASE, from La Plata, Argentina, was selected to receive the 2016 International Leadership Award. A member of ASE since 1996 and FASE since 2010, Dr. Ronderos is recognized for his outstanding professional achievements, including the creation and leadership of his landmark master class for the past sixteen years. In addition, he collaborated with Dr. Roberto Lang for the successful leadership and organization of the recent ASE Foundation/Argentina Federation of Cardiology humanitarian event with the indigenous communities in northwest Argentina. Dr. Ronderos is a Past President of the Argentina Federation of Cardiology.

Photo above: Dr. Ricardo Ronderos accepts the International Leadership Award in Seattle during ASE 2016.

Honorary FASE

Each year ASE selects one or more of our colleagues living outside the US to receive the special designation of Honorary Fellow of the American Society of Echocardiography.  Some are recognized for their innovations, others for their leadership. We have all benefited from their science and their friendship.  Because these recipients include FASE behind their names, they serve as ambassadors for ASE throughout the world.  They are our colleagues, our friends, and our inspiration.

Our 2016 Honorary FASE recipient was Pham Gia Khai, MD, PhD. He is Professor at the Vietnam National Heart Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam, and is noted for pioneering cardiac ultrasound and interventional cardiology in Vietnam. ASE’s first honorary FASE recipient from Vietnam, Prof. Khai was unable to bKhaie at the awards presentation, but he sent this message:

“I attended my first ASE meeting many years ago in San Francisco, and I remember the eight minutes being allowed then for my report on “Pseudo aneurysm of the Left ventricle in closed commissurotomy.”  I regret not to be able to come to Seattle for health reasons. I’m hopeful to come back again with better physical conditions, to join with colleagues in our common goal for our patients’ health.  May I express my many thanks to the organizers of this meeting for this honor.”

Prof. Khai joins an impressive list of 22 other echocardiographers who have been presented this special honor.

Previous recipients of this honor were Marcia Barbosa, MD, FASE (Brazil), Shintaro Beppu, MD, FASE (Japan); Roberto J. Canessa, MD, FASE (Uruguay); Namsik Chung, MD, FASE (Korea); Alessandro Distante, MD, FASE (Italy); Jean Dumesnil, MD, FASE(Canada); Raimund Erbel, MD, FASE (Germany); Liv Hatle, MD, FASE (Norway); Sabino Iliceto, MD, FASE (Italy), Hiroshi Ito, MD, PhD, FASE (Japan);  Jorge A. Lowenstein, MD, FASE (Argentina); Gerald Maurer, MD, FASE (Austria), Jagdish C. Mohan, MD, DM, FASE (India); Fausto J. Pinto, MD, PhD, FASE (Portugal); Jos Roelandt, MD, PhD, FASE (Netherlands); Otto Smiseth, MD, FASE (Norway); Chuwa Tei, MD, FASE (Japan); Xinfang Wang, MD, FASE (China); Kiyoshi Yoshida, MD, FASE (Japan), Junichi Yoshikawa, MD, FASE (Japan);Jose Luis Zamorano, MD, FASE (Spain); Yun Zhang, MD, PhD, FASE (China)

International Relations Task Force Leadership and Staff
Roberto M. Lang, MD, FASE – Chair
James D. Thomas, MD, FASE – Chair
Rhonda Price – Staff Liaison,

The International Relations Task Force works to enhance the global perception of Cardiovascular Ultrasound and the American Society of Echocardiography.

ASE works in a variety of settings to assure the growth and excellence in cardiovascular ultrasound around the world and actively develops internationally distributed recommendations documents for improved patient care worldwide.

Disclaimer:  All information about foreign country programs featured on this webpage are provided solely as a courtesy and reference source by ASE, but such programs are not conducted or sponsored by ASE. ASE does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information posted on this webpage. All persons interested in participating in any of the volunteer programs listed on this page should consult with the program sponsor for information regarding the financial costs, personal injury risks and other details of each program. In no event shall ASE be liable to you, your patients, or any other third parties for any participation in any of the volunteer programs listed on this page or for any decision made or action taken by you or such other parties in reliance on the program information.

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