Scoring Sheet- FASE

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to review the FASE applicants. Please take some time to review the current criteria requirements here. To help shorten the number of pages in each application, ASE staff has independently verified that adequate credentials and CME were provided and removed those pages from the uploaded applications. Please note that all applicants must meet two of the three criteria (Research, Education and/or Leadership/Volunteerism) in order to fulfill the FASE requirements. Comments are requested to show why a vote to approve or disapprove was made. Should the application receive two votes to disapprove or a split vote, the application will be sent to the Chair for final review. All comments will be used in the final review of the application.

    Please contact Meredith Morovati and Mary Alice Dilday with any questions, concerns or for additional information, at



CMS finalized increase to echo code 93306 and accepted the cardiology community’s proposal that prevents cuts to echoes with contrast