Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to participate?
    A: ASE is pleased to offer participation in ImageGuideEcho as a complimentary member benefit for U.S.-based physicians in 2018.
  1. How does ImageGuideEcho help me fulfill MIPS reporting?
    A: ImageGuideEcho will have specific CMS-approved performance measures that you can report on to avoid negative payment adjustments under MIPS.
  1. Is the ImageGuide Registry an approved QCDR?
    A: Yes, the ImageGuide Registry is an approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) for 2017-2018.
  1. I’m already participating in a registry for MIPS reporting, why should I join this one?
    A: ImageGuideEcho is specific to echocardiography with echo-specific data elements and performance measures. Fulfilling MIPS reporting requirements through ImageGuideEcho requires a smaller patient pool than if you utilize a non-cardiovascular ultrasound specific registry, thus reducing burden for you and your lab. ImageGuide also has a seamless, single interface for multi-modality labs who perform both nuclear and echo studies.
  1. How does the registry capture my data?
    A: ImageGuideEcho can extract information from an EHR, pull data directly from echo reports from your PACS system (“software vendor”), and, if necessary, you can use web-based data collection. ASE recommends that if you are interested in PACS system report extraction (zero impact on workflow), please reach out to your company contact and let them know that you desire this capability.
  1. Are there images in ImageGuide?
    A: ASE plans for ImageGuideEcho to include echo images in the future.
  1. When will it be launched?
    A: ImageGuideEcho will be open to sign up within the next month. For more information, contact
  1. How do I sign up?
    A: Contact
  1. Can I sign up as an individual or will I need to participate in a group?
    A: You can participate as an individual or within a registered group of practicing physicians under the same TIN (tax identification number).
  1. Can I be assured confidentiality for my data and treatment analysis?
    A: Participating physicians have the ability to see their individual statistics and data. PHI and other confidential information is removed before it data is entered into the registry in accordance with HIPPA.


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