About ImageGuideEcho

ImageGuideEcho Objective and Goals

Objective: ImageGuideEcho exists to assess specific quality metrics and patient outcomes as a vehicle to drive technology application within the field of echocardiography for the benefit of stakeholders, including patients, physicians, and researchers, through analysis of echo-specific registry data.

Identified Goals:

  • Provide timely data feedback and tools for echocardiography labs
  • Facilitate fulfillment of regulatory and other reporting requirements
  • Inform health policy and reimbursement advocacy
  • Demonstrate the value of echocardiography
  • Serve as a platform for research and education
  • Link with outcomes data to trace the patient along the continuum of care
  • Allow for direct comparisons with ultrasound images captured during the study
  • Drive the future of the field of echocardiography by demonstrating the value of technology and opportunities for improvement and expansion

Data Elements

To accomplish the above goals, ASE is capturing the following Phase I data including, but not limited to:

Site-Specific Information

  • Staffing Resources
  • Practice Characteristics
  • On-Site Diagnostic and Revascularization Capabilities
  • Data File Transmission Information
  • Laboratory Accreditation Information
  • Office Location Information, if multi-site
  • Equipment & Software Information
  • Technology Utilization and Availability


  • Patient Baseline Characteristics (height, weight, SBP, DBP, BSA, etc.)
  • Study Classification
  • Insurance Payer
  • Type of Study Performed
  • Technology Utilized During Study
  • Contrast Agent
  • Agitated Saline
  • Strain
  • Equipment Used to Acquire Image
  • Primary & Secondary Indications

Transthoracic Echo (TTE) Data

  • Views Obtained
  • LV Dimensions and Volumes
  • LV Function Segments (17 segment model)
  • LV Hypertrophy, Type & Severity
  • LA & RA Size
  • Pericardial Effusion, Type, Volume & Presence of Chamber Collapse
  • Aortic, Mitral, Tricuspid & Pulmonic Valves
    • Structure
    • Function (Stenosis & Regurgitation Severity)
    • Presence of Prosthetic Valve
  • Quantitative Measurements
    • Aortic Root Dimension
    • LA Anteroposterior Dimension
    • LV Volumes & Dimensions
    • LVEF
    • LA Max. Volume


  • Study Quality
  • Report Turnaround Time
  • Comments

Future phases of development include stress echo, TEE, and later, pediatrics and congenital heart disease. By creating phased data implementation that coincides with advanced registry capabilities, ImageGuideEcho is uniquely positioned to become the foremost authority on echocardiography data for physicians, hospital administrators, industry, researchers, and the government.

Figure 2: Phased data implementation

CMS finalized increase to echo code 93306 and accepted the cardiology community’s proposal that prevents cuts to echoes with contrast