Echovation Challenge 2017

With the success of the inaugural competition, ASE’s Innovation Competition Task Force is already planning for Echovation
Challenge 2017, which will follow a similar structure and timeline. Dr. Partho Sengupta will Chair this year’s event, and the Taskforce
has plans to incorporate mentoring into the process, as well as an even more entertaining live event during the 2017 Scientific
Sessions in Baltimore, Maryland.

The theme for 2017 will be ‘Streamlining Diagnostics for Augmented Medical Decision Making,’ which could be any small step in the
workflow or in instrumentation, perhaps improvements in hardware or software – whatever accelerates the time to come to a
diagnosis, so clinicians can spend more time with patients to personalize a therapy of choice.

Echovation Challenge 2017 is slated to launch in late September or early October, so keep your eyes open for announcements and submission dates!