Echovation Challenge 2016

Cardiovascular ultrasound is an exceptional clinical tool used to help provide insight into all aspects of cardiovascular disease. Iterative technology development within the field of ultrasound promotes clinical excellence; however, the evolution of healthcare economics are such that for any new imaging technology to be widely adopted in clinical practice in general it must be equaled or paralleled by an improvement in workflow efficiency.

The objective of Echovation Challenge 2016 was to showcase process and workflow innovations that have either been adopted or are in development in echocardiography laboratories throughout the United States and across the world. The competition was designed to encourage, and ultimately promulgate, advances in the cardiovascular field. In addition, ASE hoped to instigate connections in the field, linking researchers, industry, labs, engineers and thought-leaders to share information and educate one another.

ASE hoped to discover and promote the best practices and processes that have enhanced the workflow efficiency of cardiovascular laboratories while maintaining excellence in patient care. To discover how to best utilize human and capital resources along with the incorporation of novel technologies, including but not limited to 3D echocardiography, myocardial deformation (strain) imaging, or contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS).

ASE received 35 submissions from around the world, which were then reviewed and scored by the Innovation Competition Taskforce, ultimately selecting three teams to present their projects live during ASE 2016 in Seattle. Explore each of the three finalist teams’ Echovation pages to learn more about their innovative ideas and solutions:

Team Echo Plan

Team DiaCardio

Team TeleHealthRobotics

The live finals were judged by a distinguished panel comprised of cardiovascular experts and entrepreneurs: CEO of Actively Learn Jay Goyal, University of Washington’s Regional Heart Center Director Dr. Larry S. Dean, MedAxiom’s Executive Vice President of Business Development, Larry Sobal, and ASE President, Dr. Susan Wiegers. You can read the judges’ bios here.

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