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Sunday, October 8
Monday, October 9
Tuesday, October 10


Saturday, October 7,2017

Basic Left Ventricular Function
G. Aurigemma, V. Sorrell

Introduction to Strain: Theory and Applications
J. Gorcsan


Sunday, October 8, 2017

General Echocardiography Grand Harbor Ballroom South
Moderator: L. Gillam

7:50 AM Past President’s Address
L. Gilliam

8:00 AM Chamber Quantification Guidelines Update I: Left Heart Measurements
D. Agler, L. Gillam

8:25 AM Chamber Quantification Guidelines Update II: Right Heart Measurements
D. Agler, S. Goldstein

8:45 AM Strain Imaging: Myocardial Mechanics Simplified and Applied
J. Gorcsan

9:15 AM 2016 ASE Diastolic Function Guidelines: Relax!
G. Aurigemma

9:40 AM Optimizing Echo Acquisition for Strain and Diastology
D. Agler

10:45 AM Strain Cases: Where it Makes a Difference in 2017
G. Aurigemma, J. Gorcsan, V. Sorrell

11:10 AM 3D Echo: Acquisition, Cropping, and Display
W. Tsang

11:30 AM Cases: 3D Application in Practice
R. Hahn, W. Tsang

11:50 AM Goofs, Coups, and Things I Have Learned in the Past Year: Part 1
G. Aurigemma, L. Gillam, R. Hahn, W. Tsang

1:10 PM Multimodality Imaging of Diseases of the Thoracic Aorta in Adults
S. Uretsky

1:30 PM Guidelines for the Use of Echocardiography in the Evaluation of a Cardiac Source of Embolism
M. Saric

1:50 PM Clinical Recommendations for Multimodality Cardiovascular Imaging of Patients with Pericardial Disease
S. Goldstein

2:10 PM Expert Consensus for Multimodality Imaging Evaluation of Adult Patients During and After Cancer Treatment
V. Sorrell

3:00 PM Regurgitant Valvular Quantitation: What is New in the Guidelines
R. Hahn

3:20 PM Where Contrast Administration Makes a Difference
L. Gillam

3:40 PM Stress Echo Cases: Are You As Good As The Experts?
M. Saric, V. Sorrell

4:00 PM Goofs, Coups, and Things I Have Learned in the Past Year: Part II
S. Goldstein, M. Saric, V. Sorrell, S. Uretsky

Monday, October 9, 2017

Valvular Heart Disease Part I Grand Harbor Ballroom South
Moderator: M. Saric

7:45 AM Basic and Advanced Assessment of Aortic Stenosis
R. Hahn

8:20 AM Low Gradient, Severe Aortic Stenosis: Dobutamine Echo to the Rescue
L. Gillam

8:40 AM Back to Basics: Common Errors in Quantitation in Everyday Practice
D. Agler, S. Goldstein, R. Hahn

8:55 AM Rheumatic and Degenerative, Calcific Mitral Stenosis
O. Khalique

9:10 AM Assessing Prosthetic Valve Function: Differentiating Normal From Stenotic or Regurgitant
M. Parker

Valvular Heart Disease Part II Grand Harbor Ballroom South
Moderator: R. Hahn

10:20 AM A View From the Other Side: Role of MRI in Assessing Valvular Regurgitation
S. Uretsky

10:40 AM Echo in Asymptomatic Mitral Regurgitation and Aortic Regrugitation
M. Saric

11:00 AM Goofs, Coups, and Things I Learned This Past Year: Part III
S. Goldstein, M. Parker, M. Saric, S. Uretsky

Heart Failure Grand Harbor Ballroom South
Moderator: J. Gorcsan

1:00 PM Restrictive and Infiltrative Cardiomyopathy: Recognition By Echo
G. Aurigemma

1:20 PM Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
L. Gillam

1:40 PM Cases: Strain in Myocardial Disease
J. Gorcsan

2:00 PM MRI in Myocardial Disease: Where You Must Use It in 2017
V. Sorrell, S. Uretsky

3:10 PM Cases: Discrepant Valvular Quantification: Stenosis
L. Gillam

3:30 PM Cases: Valvular and Myocardial Disease: Regurgitation
G. Aurigemma, O. Khalique

3:50 PM Stump the Stars: Echo Cases and Discussion
G. Aurigemma, L. Gillam, O. Khalique, M. Parker

4:20 PM Rapid Fire Echo Case Quiz: Everyone Plays!
J. Gorcsan

Tuesday, October 10

Clinical Echocardiography Grand Harbor Ballroom South
Moderator: G. Aurigemma

8:00 AM TAVR: Procedure Guidance By Echo
M. Saric

8:25 AM The Forgotten Valve: New Tricuspid Interventions
R. Hahn

8:50 AM Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair
S. Goldstein

9:10 AM What I Have Learned from 3D Imaging of Heart Valve Disease
S. Goldstein, R. Hahn

9:40 AM Left Atrial Appendage Closure Devices
M. Saric

10:30 AM Cases: Interventional Imaging
S. Goldstein, R. Hahn, M. Parker

11:10 AM Congenital Heart Disease Part I: The Unrepaired Adult
D. Defaria Yeh

11:30 AM Congenital Heart Disease Part II: The Repaired Adult
D. Defaria Yeh

11:50 AM Infectious Endocarditis
S. Goldstein

12:10 AM Athlete’s Heart vs. Cardiomyopathy?
L. Gillam

2:00 PM The Role of Echo in Pulmonary Hypertension
S. Goldstein

2:20 PM Pregnancy and Heart Disease: The Role of Echo
D. Defaria Yeh

2:40 PM Cases: Stress Testing in Valvular Disease
M. Saric, V. Sorrell

3:00 PM Cases: Adult Congenital Heart Disease
D. Defaria Yeh

3:20 PM Stump the Stars: Echo Cases and Discussion
G. Aurigemma, S. Goldstein, J. Gorcsan

CMS finalized increase to echo code 93306 and accepted the cardiology community’s proposal that prevents cuts to echoes with contrast